ConvertAll Portable


Portable version of an excellent unit converter


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ConvertAll is an excellent unit converter that includes more than 400 different units.

It's very easy to use: just select your original unit, and then the unit into which you'd like to convert it. The program will alert you in the status bar if the two formats selected are not compatible.

ConvertAll also allows you to add new units to its database, and then perform basic operations with them.

The program includes a search tool so you can easily find the unit you're looking for, whether by its name or its type.

Charge, conductivity, time, date, density, mass, luminosity, pressure, resistance, radioactivity... these measurements and many more are available to work with in ConvertAll.

And, thanks to this portable version, you can enjoy the program from any device without needing to install anything in the computer where you want to use it.
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